During the past years, the Web culture has grown more and more enticing, centring many services around social media and collaboratively shared content. The vast range of possible exploitations of such community platforms includes viral marketing, collaborative tagging, recommendation and content creation. BooksOnline'12 aims to offer a forum for bringing together expertise from academia, industry, libraries and archives to facilitate the exchange of research and application of social media and collaboratively shared content in the field of digital libraries with specific focus on online books. In particular, the impact and social use of this technology on younger users, so called Native Digital, is of great interest for a number of stakeholders from DL researchers to educators and publishers. The focus of this year’s workshop will thus be on how to make engaging reading experiences that readers would want to share.

BooksOnline'12 will encourage strong exploitation of the incentives and benefits of these major forms of massive on-line collaborations for digital libraries.

Workshop Format

The one day workshop will include selected oral and poster sessions to present and discuss ongoing research efforts, and a break-out session to brainstorm around new ideas, research directions, proposals and implementation strategies, finishing with presentations to summarize the results of the break-out sessions

Keynote Speakers

Maribeth Back (FX Palo Alto): Revisiting the Future of Reading: The Research and Design Behind XFR

Natasa Milic-Frayling (Microsoft Research): The Future of Digital

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Workshop in conjunction with CIKM’12,

Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2012, Maui, USA


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